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How got started

In 2000, I received a call from my friend Mark who was beside himself with guilt, after forgetting his wedding anniversary. Determined to never forget it again, he went to the nearest tattoo parlor and had the date inscribed on his arm. In 2001, even with the tattoo, “Mark” forgot his anniversary again; only this time, he called me because his wife threw him out and he needed a place to stay. Certain that my wife would soon kick me out if “Mark” forgot his anniversary again, Mark and I created the surest way to remain happily married.

Of course, this story is sheer nonsense, but we’ve all been there before and nothing is more embarrassing than forgetting an important date and nothing is better than when you are the “hero” that remembers. You can be a “hero” too. Just go to and set email reminders for all of your important dates and tasks. You’ll save a bundle on tattoos and you won’t wind up in the dog house (or my house!)


Simply complete the FREE REGISTRATION, enter any special occasions, holidays, appointments and important tasks that you do not want to forget and start receiving email reminders. Browse your personal calendar anytime to see what you have scheduled for the coming months.

Mission provides a complete, confidential reminder service for all of your important dates, tasks and holidays. Receive emails to your computer or PDA and never forget that special event again.