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Personal Dates USA Holidays Christian Holidays
Jewish Holidays Islam Holidays Hindu Holidays
Buddhist Holidays  Orthodox Churches Sikh Holidays

USA Holidays Month/Date Days
Arbor Day April 29 Friday
Mothers' Day May 8 Sunday
Federal Income Taxes May 15 Sunday
Armed Forces Day May 21 Saturday
Memorial Day May 30 Monday
Flag Day June 14 Tuesday
Fathers' Day June 19 Sunday
Canada Day July 1 Friday
Independence Day July 4 Monday
Parents' Day July 24 Sunday
Labor Day September 5 Monday
Grandparents Day September 11 Sunday
Citizenship Day September 17 Saturday
Columbus Day October 10 Monday
United Nations Day October 24 Monday
Halloween October 31 Monday
Daylight Saving Ends November 6 Sunday
Election Day November 8 Tuesday
Veterans' Day November 11 Friday
Thanksgiving Day November 24 Thursday
Bill of Rights Day December 15 Thursday
New Year's Day January 1 Monday
Martin Luther King Day January 15 Monday
National Freedom Day February 1 Thursday
Groundhog Day February 2 Friday
Valentine's Day February 4 Sunday
Washington's Birthday February 6 Tuesday
Lincoln's Birthday February 12 Monday
Presidents Day February 16 Friday
St. Patrick's Day March 7 Wednesday
Daylight Saving March 11 Sunday
April Fool's Day April 1 Sunday
Earth Day April 22 Sunday
Secretary's Day April 25 Wednesday
Pearl Harbor Day December 7 Friday
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Christian Holidays Month/Date Days
Solemnity Corpus Christi
Easter Monday
Baptism Our Lord January 10 Sunday
Solemnity Joseph March 19 Saturday
Easter Tuesday March 29 Tuesday
St George's Day April 23 Saturday
Ascension of Jesus Christ May 5 Thursday
Solemnity Holy Trinity May 22 Sunday
Immaculate Conception December 8 Thursday
Solemnity Mary January 1 Monday
Solemnity Epiphany January 6 Saturday
Solemnity All Saints January 11 Thursday
Conversion Apostle Paul January 25 Thursday
Presentation of Lord February 2 Friday
Presentation of Jesus at the Temple February 2 Friday
Feast of St Maroun February 9 Friday
Saint Paul's Shipwreck February 10 Saturday
Ash Wednesday February 14 Wednesday
Chair Apostle Peter February 22 Thursday
Solemnity Annunciation March 25 Sunday
Palm Sunday March 25 Sunday
Holy Thursday March 29 Thursday
Good Friday March 30 Friday
Holy Saturday March 31 Saturday
Easter April 1 Sunday
Saint Florians Feast May 4 Friday
Ascension Thursday May 10 Thursday
Pentecost Monday May 21 Monday
Solemnity Sacred Heart June 8 Friday
Pentecost June 20 Wednesday
St. John's Day June 24 Sunday
Solemnity Peter & Paul June 29 Friday
Saints Cyril and Methodius Day July 5 Thursday
Our Lady of Mount Carmel July 16 Monday
Transfiguration the Lord August 6 Monday
Nativity Of Our Lady August 8 Wednesday
Assumption of Mary August 15 Wednesday
Birth Virgin Mary September 8 Saturday
Triumph the Cross September 14 Friday
Saint Ursula's day October 21 Sunday
Solemnity All Souls November 2 Friday
St. Martin's day November 11 Sunday
Solemnity Christ the King November 25 Sunday
First Sunday Advent December 2 Sunday
Saint Nicholas Day December 6 Thursday
Memorial Lady Guadalupe December 12 Wednesday
Christmas December 25 Tuesday
Christmas Eve December 25 Tuesday
Boxing Day December 26 Wednesday
Solemnity Holy Family December 29 Saturday
St Stephen's Day December 31 Monday
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Hindu Holidays Month/Date Days
Chandramana Ugadi
Vaikunta Ekadashi
Parshuram Jayanti
Bikarami Samvat
Goa Carnival
MakaraSankranti/Pongal January 15 Monday
India Republic Day January 26 Friday
Vasant Panchmi February 1 Thursday
Maha Shivaratri February 14 Wednesday
Holi March 2 Friday
Dhuleti March 2 Friday
Gudi Padwa March 18 Sunday
Rama Navami March 26 Monday
Hanuman Jayanti March 31 Saturday
Rath Yatra July 14 Saturday
Guru Purinima July 27 Friday
Varalakshmi Vratam August 24 Friday
Onam August 24 Friday
Janmashtami September 3 Monday
Ganesh Chaturthi September 13 Thursday
Gandhi Jayanti October 2 Tuesday
Saraswati Puja October 16 Tuesday
Durga Ashtami October 17 Wednesday
Dasra October 19 Friday
Karva Chauth October 27 Saturday
Dhan Teras November 5 Monday
Diwali November 7 Wednesday
Govardhan Puja November 8 Thursday
Bhai Beej November 9 Friday
Labh Pacham November 12 Monday
Karthikai Deepam November 22 Thursday
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Islam Holidays Month/Date Days
Maulid an-Nabi
Nuzulul Qur'an
Ascension of the Prophet
Start of Ramadan
Start of Ramadan
Revelation of the Quran
End of Ramadan
Said Mohammed Sheikh Day March 18 Friday
Lailat-al-Bara'a May 21 Saturday
Quds Day July 1 Friday
Lailat-al-Miraj April 13 Friday
First Day of Ramadan May 27 Sunday
Lailat-al-Qadr June 10 Sunday
Id-al-Fitr June 15 Friday
Islamic New Year September 11 Tuesday
Ashoora September 20 Thursday
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Jewish Holidays Month/Date Days
Holocaust Remembrance Day
Tu Bish'vat January 31 Wednesday
Fast of Esther February 28 Wednesday
Purim March 1 Thursday
Pesach (Passover) March 31 Saturday
Yom Hashoan April 11 Wednesday
Yom HaShoah April 11 Wednesday
Yom Hazikaron April 17 Tuesday
Yom Haatza-ut April 18 Wednesday
Lag Baomer May 3 Thursday
Shavuot May 19 Saturday
Tishah B'av July 22 Sunday
Rosh Hashanah September 10 Monday
Sukkot September 15 Saturday
Yom Kippur September 30 Sunday
Shemini Atzeret October 1 Monday
Simchat Torah October 2 Tuesday
Chanukah December 2 Sunday
Tevet 10 December 18 Tuesday
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Orthodox Churches Holidays Month/Date Days
Nativity Virgin Mary
Elevation Life-giving Cross
Saturday of Meatfare
Second Saturday of Great Lent
Lent Begins
Third Saturday of Great Lent
Sun. Orthodoxy 3
Apostles Fast Begins
Fourth Saturday of Great Lent
Cheesefare March 13 Sunday
Saints Cyril, Methodius Day May 24 Tuesday
Epiphany January 6 Saturday
Presentation Christ January 6 Saturday
Christmas Eve January 7 Sunday
Christmas Day January 7 Sunday
Annunciation March 25 Sunday
Pascha/Easter April 1 Sunday
Palm Sunday April 1 Sunday
Holy Friday April 6 Friday
Easter Tuesday April 8 Sunday
Easter Monday April 9 Monday
Ascension May 17 Thursday
Pentecost May 27 Sunday
Pentecost Monday May 28 Monday
Transfiguration August 6 Monday
Assumption Virgin Mary August 15 Wednesday
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Buddhist Holidays Month/Date Days
Higan I
Birthday Sakyamuni Buddha
Higan II
Festival Nine Imperial Gods
Birthday Bodhidharma
Bodhi Day
Birthday Amitabha Buddha
Enlightenment Sakyamuni Buddha
Beginning of Buddhist Lent
End of Buddhist Lent
Buddha's First Sermon
Buddha Descension Day
Buddha Parinirvana
Buddha Parinirvana
Ghost Festival
Floating Lantern Ceremony
Nirvana Day February 15 Thursday
Magha Puja March 30 Friday
Buddha Day May 22 Tuesday
Vesak May 29 Tuesday
Obon Festival July 13 Friday
Panchadaan II August 1 Wednesday
Panchadaan I August 1 Wednesday
Double-Sixth Festival August 17 Friday
Raksha Bandhana August 26 Sunday
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Sikh Holidays Month/Date Days
Death Guru Harkrishan April 16 Wednesday
Birth Guru Gobind Singh January 5 Friday
Accession Guru Har Rai March 14 Wednesday
Death Guru Hargobind March 19 Monday
The Creation the Khalsa April 14 Saturday
Death Guru Angad Dev April 16 Monday
Accession Guru Amar Das April 16 Monday
Accession Guru Tegh Bahadur April 16 Monday
Birth Guru Angad Dev April 16 Monday
Birth Guru Tegh Bahadur April 18 Wednesday
Birth Guru Arjan Dev May 2 Wednesday
Birth Guru Amar Das May 23 Wednesday
Accession Guru Hargobind June 11 Monday
Martyrdom Guru Arjan Dev June 16 Saturday
Birth Guru Hargobind July 5 Thursday
Birth Guru Harkrishan July 23 Monday
Installation the Guru Granth Sahib September 1 Saturday
Death Guru Amar Das September 16 Sunday
Accession Guru Ram Das September 16 Sunday
Death Guru Ram Das September 16 Sunday
Accession Guru Arjan Dev September 16 Sunday
Accession Guru Angad Dev September 18 Tuesday
Death Guru Nanak Dev September 22 Saturday
Birth Guru Ram Das October 9 Tuesday
Death Guru Har Rai October 20 Saturday
Accession Guru Harkrishan October 20 Saturday
Martyrdom Guru Gobind Singh October 21 Sunday
Martyrdom Guru Tegh Bahadur November 24 Saturday
Accession Guru Gobind Singh November 24 Saturday
Martyrdom Guru Gobind Singhs Elder Sons December 21 Friday
Birth Guru Har Rai December 21 Friday
Martyrdom Guru Gobind Singh's Younger Sons December 26 Wednesday
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