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 Sports History and Sports Events on July 30 provides the history of Sports on July 30 by noting memorable events that occurred in Sports on July 30. Create a FREE personal calendar to organize your special occasions, personal tasks, holidays, appointments and special events in history that interest you. Historical sports events include NFL Super Bowl champions, NBA Championship, NHL Stanley Cup, PGA Tour Champions, MLS Cup, Boxing Heavy Weight Champion, NCAA National Championships, Olympics Medal Winners, Tennis US Open Winner and more sports history.
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Baseball Return to top
John A Heyder becomes president of baseball's National League, July 30, 1909
Description coming soon
Ty Cobb testifies before the Emanuel Celler committee, denying that the reserve clause makes peons of baseball players, July 30, 1951
Description coming soon
33rd All Star Baseball Game: AL wins 9-4 at Wrigley Field, Chicago, July 30, 1962
Description coming soon
Basketball Return to top
No Historical Basketball Events on July 30
Boxing Return to top
No Historical Boxing Events on July 30
Cricket Return to top
Lara completes 5th Test Cricket century, 145 at Old Trafford, July 30, 1995
Description coming soon
Football Return to top
No Historical Football Events on July 30
Golf Return to top
Judy Kimball wins LPGA American Women's Golf Open, July 30, 1961
Description coming soon
Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Supertest Ladies Golf Open, July 30, 1966
Description coming soon
Clifford Ann Creed/Margie Masters wins Yankee Ladies' Team Golf Champ, July 30, 1967
Description coming soon
Jan Ferraris wins LPGA Lady Pepsi Golf Open, July 30, 1972
Description coming soon
Pat Bradley wins LPGA Hoosier Golf Classic, July 30, 1978
Description coming soon
Nancy Lopez wins LPGA Atlantic City Golf Classic, July 30, 1989
Description coming soon
Becky Iverson wins LPGA Friendly's Golf Classic, July 30, 1995
Description coming soon
Hockey Return to top
No Historical Hockey Events on July 30
NFL Football Return to top
38th NFL Chicago All Star Game: Baltimore 24, All Stars 17 (52,289), July 30, 1971
Description coming soon
Olympics Return to top
10th modern Olympic games opens in Los Angeles, July 30, 1932
Description coming soon
Emile Zatopek runs Olympic record (10K, July 30, 1948
Description coming soon
Japanese beat Russian for Olympic gold in woman's volleyball, July 30, 1976
Description coming soon
Rugby Return to top
No Historical Rugby Events on July 30
Soccer Return to top
Uruguay beats Argentina 4-2 for soccer's 1st World Cup in Montevideo, July 30, 1930
Description coming soon
Tennis Return to top
No Historical Tennis Events on July 30
Yachting Return to top
No Historical Yachting Events on July 30
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