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 Alasitas Holiday Resource
About Alasitas
The Alasitas is most colourful, happy event of the Bolivia. This event is celebrated on end of January. It is a first major festival of the year. In this day many of them in traditional dress, eagerly buying finely-crafted miniatures from street stalls and vendors. A miniature passport or postage stamp might secure a dream of travel and tiny banknotes might bring wealth. One of the most popular figurines is Ekeko. Ekeko is the Aymara god of abundance. This festival is continues for a few weeks until around Feb 15th. Today the country people were purchase tiny replicas of things they wish to attain during the coming year and, depending upon their beliefs. Essentially, the festival is a park full of vendors selling small versions of most anything you can imagine: newspapers, hats, dolls, candy, furniture, appliances, airline tickets, diplomas, etc. Alasitas is also a good excuse for a family day out. The figures represent material goods that the people aspire to own. At the end of frenzied buying and selling there is a procession to visit the Yatiri, a wizard who blesses all the objects. Overall Alasitas is an enjoyable experience for both tourist and local residents. It is the most part it is a family atmosphere. Alasitas is an annual festival. Local traditions and Roman Catholic beliefs have being celebrated in Bolivia every January 24 since 1781. is an online calendar website designed to organize special occasions like Alasitas. Customize Alasitas reminders, Alasitas gift suggestions, Alasitas event planning, Alasitas history and tradition. Plan, organize and celebrate special occasions and holidays like Alasitas online at Create a free account and set a calendar reminder for Alasitas.
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