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 Revolution Day Holiday Resource
About Revolution Day
King and People’s of Morocco celebrates The Revolution Day on August 20th and there will be a public holiday where in schools, offices, and other working places remained closed. King Mohammed V returns to Morocco after a long period of time from Madagascar which results in celebrating the great revolution day. Thus August 20th called to be an historical landmark for the Moroccans. Alaouite dynasty of Moroccans struggled a lot for getting freedom from the French. King Mohammed V was not agreed to sign the pact of French domination over the Moroccans and they revolted against the French to save their homeland. The French astonished to see the unity and support given to the King by the Moroccans wholeheartedly. After a long period of time Moroccans got relieved from the French but the King was, still not satisfied about the economic and social development of the country. Though the King was no more, but still he remembered for his unique contributions for getting the freedom. The Revolution Day is celebrated with full of joy and enthusiasm which includes , the traditional music of Arabs and the instruments used is Flute and Shawn, and there will be feasting and even fasting will be followed by the Moroccans. The "Jadish al-their" was the operation name was created by the Moroccans to attack French and the other European residents. The operation Goal was the return of the king and the liberation of Algeria and Tunisia. So finally Moroccans got its Independence from France in 1956. "Taourat al-malik wa shaab” means that The Revolution of the King and People which is celebrated every year on August 20th. is an online calendar website designed to organize special occasions like Revolution Day. Customize Revolution Day reminders, Revolution Day gift suggestions, Revolution Day event planning, Revolution Day history and tradition. Plan, organize and celebrate special occasions and holidays like Revolution Day online at Create a free account and set a calendar reminder for Revolution Day.
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