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 Abolition of Slavery Holiday Resource
About Abolition of Slavery
French Guiana people celebrate the “Abolition of Slavery day “movement on June 10th annually. “Abolition of Slavery “was a movement to end the slave trade and emancipate slaves in Western Europe and the Americas. The First Republic (Convention) voted for the abolition of slavery in all French colonies, On 4 February 1794. The abolition decree stated that "the Convention declares the slavery of the Blacks abolished in all the colonies; consequently, all men, irrespective of colour, living in the colonies are French citizens and will enjoy all the rights provided by the Constitution." Restored by the Consulate in 1802, slavery was definitively abolished in 1848 by the Second Republic, on Victor Schoelcher’s initiative. The slave system aroused little protest until the 18th century, when rationalist thinkers of the Enlightenment criticized it for violating the rights of man, and Quaker and other evangelical religious groups condemned it as un-Christian. Though antislavery sentiments were widespread by the late 18th century, they had little immediate effect on the centers of slavery themselves. The West Indies, South America, and the southern United States. The importation of African slaves was banned in the British colonies in 1807 and in the United States in 1808. In the British West Indies, slavery was abolished in 1833 and in the French possessions 15 years later. The first major Western country to adopt legislation recognizing the slave trade as a "crime against humanity when the French Parliament passed the Taubira Act on 10 May 2001. France is also the first major Western country officially to commemorate its abolition. President Chirac set the day of 10 May for commemorating the memory of slavery and its abolition. The Minister Delegate for Cooperation, Development and Francophony was in Senegal marking the first commemorative day for remembering the slave trade, slavery and their abolition, On 10 May this year. A place is to be allocated to this commemoration in the National Curriculum. A national research centre has been created on this subject. Finally, President Chirac has ensured that vigilance is maintained by announcing on 30 January 2006 a European and international initiative to penalize businesses engaging in new forms of slavery such as forced or child labour. Today, child and adult slavery and forced labour are illegal in most countries, as well as being against international law. Because slavery still exists, with an estimated 27 million people enslaved worldwide, a new international abolitionist movement has recently emerged. is an online calendar website designed to organize special occasions like Abolition of Slavery . Customize Abolition of Slavery reminders, Abolition of Slavery gift suggestions, Abolition of Slavery event planning, Abolition of Slavery history and tradition. Plan, organize and celebrate special occasions and holidays like Abolition of Slavery online at Create a free account and set a calendar reminder for Abolition of Slavery .
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