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About Independence Day
On November 22, 1943, the Lebanon celebrated Independence Day in remembrance of the liberation from the French mandate which was exercised over Lebanese soil for over 23 years. Every year on the Independence Day we remember our beloved martyrs, miss them and feel proud for their sacrifices. We remember this event hold out with medals of Honor, wearing best uniforms, pretending to be happy, celebrating traditions, carrying clean and shining weapons, participating in military parades. On November 22, we are not celebrating the Independence Day; with its memory martyrs are heartily remembered with gratitude for their sacrifices. Martyrs are not only those who offered their lives on Lebanon’s alter and departed from this world. On the Independence Day, a state that assumes its responsibilities and loyal to its citizens, especially presidents and officials. Independence Day is one of the most important public holidays in the Lebanese calendar. In Beirut it is celebrated with pomp and fervor, including a grand parade featuring military and Lebanese dignitaries. November the twenty-second, Independence Day, people feeling extremely proud that they are Lebanese and that they have one of the oldest democracies in the world. Basic dignity and self-respect will not allow us to even contemplate the idea of celebrating our Independence Day, Events include a parade, fireworks, exhibits and vendors, as well as musical entertainment. is an online calendar website designed to organize special occasions like Independence Day . Customize Independence Day reminders, Independence Day gift suggestions, Independence Day event planning, Independence Day history and tradition. Plan, organize and celebrate special occasions and holidays like Independence Day online at Create a free account and set a calendar reminder for Independence Day .
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