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 Martyrs' Day Holiday Resource
About Martyrs' Day
On May 6th, 1916, Martyrs' Day is celebrated in Lebanon. On that day, people in Lebanon show gratitude and respect for our Martyrs. People remember with gratitude those who happily sacrificed themselves for their beloved country. Lebanon's martyrs come from all denominations, all families and all regions. In their affliction there is an unforgettable eternal gesture, a great glorification of patriotic beliefs and real pride in national affiliation. Crucifixion is a status that the Lebanese people are living perpetually in their everyday life. They are paying agony price in their blood, efforts and poverty. They are all those who fought bravely to defend their existence, dignity, the rights of their people, their love of the land, and the free, independent, sovereign, and democratic Lebanon. The Martyrs are all those heroes who were injured by the war and are suffering because of their injuries. The dream for a free Lebanon is haunting them; they are preoccupied with suspicions, frustrated and disappointed at what has happened to their country. Our Martyrs are all proudly defending their dignity, principles, freedom, rights and the rights and sovereignty of their country. On May 6th, a large celebration was held at the martyrs square in Beirut. On Martyrs' Day, a public ceremony is led by government officials in Beirut at Martyrs' Square, named in honor of the murdered nationalists. It is a national holiday and it is executed a large group of intellectuals, poets and journalists in downtown Beirut, in the square now called "Martyr's Square". is an online calendar website designed to organize special occasions like Martyrs' Day. Customize Martyrs' Day reminders, Martyrs' Day gift suggestions, Martyrs' Day event planning, Martyrs' Day history and tradition. Plan, organize and celebrate special occasions and holidays like Martyrs' Day online at Create a free account and set a calendar reminder for Martyrs' Day.
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