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 Moldovan Christmas Holiday Resource
About Moldovan Christmas
Moldova is landlocked country in Eastern Europe. The independent Moldavian Democratic Republic was formed in 1918. Until the declaration of independence on August 27, 1991, it is under the control of Soviet Union. After a brief war in 1992, it became de facto independent and member of UN. Christmas is an annual holiday celebrated on December 25. It is celebrated to be the most awaited and loved one of the Christian traditions. It commemorates the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. The date of birth of Jesus is not well known, and the date may have been chosen to correspond with either a Roman festival or the winter solstice. On this day, is a holiday includes gift-giving, Church celebrations, and the display of various decorations – including the Christmas tree, lights, mistletoe, nativity scenes, and holly. Christmas is celebrated throughout the Christian population, but also many non-Christians. A majority of the Moldavian people are followers of Christianity. The celebration of Christmas occasion begins with a fast. Pork is the traditional food. Christmas is celebrated by singing carols which are mainly sung by a traveling troupe comprising of young men as well as children. The whole world officially celebrates the Christmas occasion on 25th of December, but in Moldova celebrate Christmas and New Year together, on 6th of January as per the Eastern Orthodox calendar. is an online calendar website designed to organize special occasions like Moldovan Christmas. Customize Moldovan Christmas reminders, Moldovan Christmas gift suggestions, Moldovan Christmas event planning, Moldovan Christmas history and tradition. Plan, organize and celebrate special occasions and holidays like Moldovan Christmas online at Create a free account and set a calendar reminder for Moldovan Christmas.
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