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 Schoelcher Day Holiday Resource
About Schoelcher Day
Victor Schoelcher was a French abolitionist writer. He was born on 22 July 1804 in Paris from an alsatian family of Fessenheim. He was a main spokesman for a group from Paris. He worked for the abolition of slavery. He formed an abolition society in 1834. He went to America for business from 1829-1830. While on this trip he learned about slavery and his career began as an abolitionist writer. Between 1833 and 1847 he wrote many articles to the publication regarding slavery. Those are imagining on social, economic, and political changes being made in the Caribbean colonies. When Haiti gained independence, Schoelecher was the first European abolitionists who visit the country. He became the president of the commission for the abolition of slavery and on April 27, 1848. When he went to Belgium and London, he expresses his political ideas. In 1875, he elected as senator for life, but he rejected. In homage to his fight against slavery, the rrcommune of Case-Navire (Martinique) took the name of Schœlcher on 1888. His last publishing was in 1889. He worked especially for the abolition of slavery on the Caribbean islands. He died on 25 December 1893 in Houilles. is an online calendar website designed to organize special occasions like Schoelcher Day. Customize Schoelcher Day reminders, Schoelcher Day gift suggestions, Schoelcher Day event planning, Schoelcher Day history and tradition. Plan, organize and celebrate special occasions and holidays like Schoelcher Day online at Create a free account and set a calendar reminder for Schoelcher Day.
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