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 Slavery Abolition Day Holiday Resource
About Slavery Abolition Day
On May 22 celebrates ‘Slavery Abolition Day’ in Martinique. It is a Public holiday. Martinique people Celebrates the 153nd anniversary of the abolition of slavery. A movement culminating in the late 18th and early 19th centuries that aimed first to end the slave trade, and then to abolish the institution of slavery and emancipate slaves. The movement took place in Europe, mainly in the UK, and in the USA. Martinique has suffered from earthquakes as well as hurricanes. In February 1848, Francois Auguste Perrinon became head of the Committee of Colonists of Martinique and was a member of the Commission for the abolition of slavery. On April27, Perrinonn appointed as commissioner General of Martinique, and charged with the task of abolishing slavery there. Laborers from India started to arrive in Martinique in 1853 and also 1000 Chinese also came as earlier they had come to Cuba. In 1868 construction work on the Radoub Basin port facilities at Fort de France was completed. In 1870, proclamation in Fort-de-France of a Martiniquan Republic was raised. In 1871, when France established as Republic, Martinique people gained representation in the National Assembly. In 1900, a strike at a sugar factory owned by a Frenchman led to open fired causes to dead agricultural workers. is an online calendar website designed to organize special occasions like Slavery Abolition Day. Customize Slavery Abolition Day reminders, Slavery Abolition Day gift suggestions, Slavery Abolition Day event planning, Slavery Abolition Day history and tradition. Plan, organize and celebrate special occasions and holidays like Slavery Abolition Day online at Create a free account and set a calendar reminder for Slavery Abolition Day.
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