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About Maha Asthami
Durga Puja is also celebrated in Nepal and Bhutan according to local traditions and variations. Puja Means “worship”. Durga's Puja is celebrated from the sixth to tenth day of the waxing moon in the month of Ashwin. Due to shifts in the lunar cycle relative to the solar months, it may also be held in the following month, Kartika. In the Gregorian calendar, these dates correspond to the months of September and October. The dates of Durga Puja celebrations are set according to traditional Hindu calendar. It is not only the biggest Hindu festival celebrated throughout the State, but also the most significant socio-cultural event in Bengali society. Durga Puja is also celebrated as a major festival in Nepal and Bangladesh. After independence of India, Durga Puja became one of the largest celebrated festivals in the whole world. The Durga pujas are held over a ten-day period. It is a Hindu festival. Maha Ashtami is the eighth day of the Durga Puja. On this day the priest offers prayers and breathes life into the idol of the goddess Durga. Pandals can be massive and ornate structures and come in all varieties. Maha Ashtami is the most venerated day of the festival because it celebrates the victory of Durga over the demon Mahishasura. Durga Puja includes the worships of Shiva, Lakshmi, Ganesha, Saraswati and Kartikeya. is an online calendar website designed to organize special occasions like Maha Asthami. Customize Maha Asthami reminders, Maha Asthami gift suggestions, Maha Asthami event planning, Maha Asthami history and tradition. Plan, organize and celebrate special occasions and holidays like Maha Asthami online at Create a free account and set a calendar reminder for Maha Asthami.
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