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 Martyr's Day Holiday Resource
About Martyr's Day
Martyrs’ Day goes on January 9th each year. This holiday remembers the day in 1964 when 200 Panamanian high school students marched to Balboa High School in the United States’ Canal Zone. These students are came from the Instituto Nacional, Panama’s leads one of the top public high school. They were dissenting the Balboa High School students’ action of raising the US flag in the Canal Zone school. Earlier in time, US President John F. Kennedy, in an effort to allay tensions between the “Zonians”, US residents and supporters living in the Panama Canal Zone, and other Panamanians had fixed that the US flag could be raised in conjunction with the Panamaian flag in non-military sites within the zone. The Panama Canal Zone Governor Robert J. Fleming limited the order. He ordered, flag would be promoted at schools, police stations, post offices or other civilian locations where it had previously been fly. The students at Balboa, who were Zonians, lifted the US flag. The school ordered it taken down. Then, they walked out of class, re-raised the flag and posted guards to prevent its removal. The students from the Instituto Nacional went to Balboa to raise Panama’s flag beside the US flag. After arriving at Balboa High School, a focussed comparison between the Panamanians and Zonians broke out. The flag the Panamanian students were carrying was tear. At this point, angry crowds formed along the border between Panama City and the Canal Zone. A riot broke out and Panama’s National Guard was called in. Conditions only deteriorated throughout the day. Shots rang out in the sky, killing a total of 22 people and wounding an additional 500 others. January 9th is a national holiday in Panama as a result of this historical incident. The Panamanian government has declared that instead of Friday being a day off this year, Monday will be taken off to create a long weekend for the many Panamanians who work Saturdays. Friday, January 9th however, will be a “dry day”. That means alcohol cannot be sold in any bar, restaurant or store from midnight January 8th to midnight January 9th. is an online calendar website designed to organize special occasions like Martyr's Day. Customize Martyr's Day reminders, Martyr's Day gift suggestions, Martyr's Day event planning, Martyr's Day history and tradition. Plan, organize and celebrate special occasions and holidays like Martyr's Day online at Create a free account and set a calendar reminder for Martyr's Day.
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