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  Christmas Holiday Resource
About Christmas
Christmas is celebrated on 25th December each year. It’s an annual holiday that the birth of Jesus. The nativity of Jesus, which is the basis for the anno Domini system of dating, is thought to have occurred between 7 and 2 BC. Christmas also referred to as Christmas Day. Christmas day marks the beginning of the larger season of Christmastide, which lasts twelve days. Christmas is not among the earliest festivals of the Church. Most Alaskan Christians celebrate Christmas on December 25th, just as people do in the continent of the US. On Christmas Day children wander from house to house carrying a colored star on a long pole, and singing carols. The custom of sending Christmas cards started in Britain in 1840. is a useful tool for organizing your Christmas holiday tasks. Using, you can create custom email reminders to aid in accomplishing tasks and remembering appointments in conjunction with the Christmas holiday season.
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