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  Christmas Eve Holiday Resource
About Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve is celebrated on 24th December. Christmas Eve, is celebrated with much fanfare and enthusiasm all across the world. Across all the countries in the world, Christmas eve is marked with unveiling of the Christmas tree fully decorated with Christmas ornaments and lights, exchange of gifts among family members, an elaborate feast comprising of turkey or lamb and Mass. In old times, days started at sunset, so the evening of the day, the "eve" happened first. Then we changed to days starting at midnight. So now the "eve" is evening of the previous day. So the "Christmas Eve" is the day before Christmas. Christ the King is a title of the Jesus based on several passages of Scripture and, in general, used by all Christians. is a useful tool for organizing your Christmas Eve holiday tasks. Using, you can create custom email reminders to aid in accomplishing tasks and remembering appointments in conjunction with the Christmas Eve holiday season.
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