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 Quds Day Holiday Resource
About Quds Day
International al-Quds Day is an annual event on the last Friday of Ramadan. The Quds Day, referring to the Arabic word for Jerusalem takes place on 18th September. The Islamic Republic's authorities use Quds Day to denounce Israel and show support for the Palestinians. Jerusalem Day is not an Islamic religious holiday but a political event open to both Muslims and non-Muslims alike, and thus observance is not obligatory in Islam. Quds Day is a day Muslims from all around the world show their support for oppressed Muslims of Palestine. Anti-Zionist demonstrations are held on this day in some Muslim and Arab countries and by Muslim and Arab communities around the world, but especially in Iran where the occasion was first suggested. is a useful tool for organizing your Quds Day holiday tasks. Using, you can create custom email reminders to aid in accomplishing tasks and remembering appointments in conjunction with the Quds Day holiday season.
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